About NotDesking

remote-workerBeing part of a team isn’t about sharing the same space. It’s about sharing the same goals, and working together to achieve them. NotDesking is about new ways of working, using technology to connect and make work more flexible and effective. In the past decade, increasing numbers of people have moved away from the traditional 9-5 office routine. This has been made possible both by improvements in technology, and changes in attitude. What was once seen as an offshoot from the world of work has become mainstream.




Today, flexible working takes many forms. Working flexible hours at an office, working remotely from home, coworking in a shared office space, timeshifting, or  combinations of these.  At NotDesking you can find news, views, ideas, and advice about different forms of remote and flexible working, gathered from around the Web. Come in, look around, and join the conversation.