Commuters waste a year of their life.


British commuters  spend more than a year of their lives travelling to and from work – at a total cost of more than £50,000 – according to research by investment management firm Nutmeg. It calculates that over a lifetime, commuters will spend an average 10,634 hours travelling ,  nearly a year and three months.

London commuters fare worst, averaging an hour and 14 minutes, followed by Manchester (1hr 4min) and Bristol (1hr). 

When questioned on their ‘biggest bugbears’, 32 percent quoted the cost of commuting and  traffic jams at the top of the poll, They were followed by delays (30 per cent), dangerous or bad drivers (27 per cent), journey lengths (17 per cent), overcrowding (17 per cent), other people’s personal music (13 per cent), poor commuter etiquette such as hogging two seats (12 per cent) and cyclists (11 per cent).

The report  coincides with new research from used car website which says more than two thirds of drives (67per cent) would happily take a pay-cut and work locally in a bid to cut the cost of their commute. 

Image by MetroCentric

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