Flexible Working for all ages

older worker

Did you feel a little different this morning? A bit more agile, more of a spring in your step, more, well, flexible? You should, because yesterday  the right to request flexible working was extended to all employees who have the relevant qualifying service, not just those with responsibilities for childcare. While this is an important step forward for all employees, it could be of particular benefit to older workers.

With the abolition of the default retirement age, and the reductions in the level of income provided by annuities, more people will need to work longer in order to maintain their standard of living. And as we are generally living longer, more people want to continue working, from choice, not just need. The new right to request flexible working could offer the opportunity to move gradually into retirement, rather than face an abrupt cut-off date. This article by Ruth Ormston looks at what employers can and should  be doing now to prepare themselves for the new era of flexible working requests

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