Getting your homework done


Many people who have never worked from home have a fantasy of what it must be like. Sitting in your pyjamas on the sofa, brushing the biscuit crumbs from your laptop, and trying to complete an email while watching Cash in the Attic. The reality is somewhat different. If you want to work effectively from home, you need to be more disciplined and focused than if you were in the office. With that in mind, here are some do’s and dont’s to help you get your homework done.

  • Do: Have a separate space for work in your home. It may be a spare room, or just a small desk and chair in a corner. The important thing is to treat it as a work-only area, away from the rest of your home life. And when you’ve finished for the day, leave it, just as you would leave the office to go home.
  • Don’t: Blur the boundaries. Writing those extra notes while watching TV after dinner will make you feel that work has taken over your life. More importantly, it will make your family feel it. Work-Life Balance needs some work-life separation.
  • Do: Let your boss know what you’re doing. A regular update keeps them informed, and it’s good to remind yourself – and your boss – just how much you have achieved.
  • Do: Keep in touch with colleagues. We are all social animals, and isolation can creep in if we don’t maintain contact. A phone call, instant message, or email can help, but make sure you get some regular office time. Team meetings, or just a day spent working at the office help to keep you feeling part of the team.

Image: Chris Metcalf

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