March News Roundup

Unsurprisingly the impact of the Coronavirus has led to a huge increase in remote and flexible working. Organisations are scrabbling to put in place policies, systems, and technology to support the move away from 9-5 office based employment.

Zoom videoconferencing software has seen a dramatic uptake in use, and it’s CEO Eric Yuan is interviewed in the Financial Times.

For Apple users, ComputerWorld has put together a list of hints, tips, and advice for making the most of Apple products in the home working environment.

Successful remote working doesn’t just depend on having the right technology in place. Companies need to have policies, practices, and the right culture to support staff working from home. This article in Forbes magazine looks at ways to build the foundations quickly in response to the current crisis.

Survey results, plus views from some business owners trying remote working for the first time can be found here.

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