In or Out?

 I’m not going to employ a builder to come five days a week, I will employ him to build a house and he’s going to tell me when he’s finished. So let’s talk about things you want me to do and let me deliver them”

How do you judge performance at work? Whether you are a manager evaluating staff, or a worker comparing yourself to colleagues, there is still a tendency to judge people by the amount of time they spend at the job – Facetime. But time spent at work isn’t always productive time, and more time –  input –  doesn’t always equate to increased productivity – output.

One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of flexible working is poor performance management.  As this article in HR magazine argues, the problem centres on managers who believe that they can only manage what they can see – the hours someone spends at a desk. But in the world of remote and flexible working, managers need to focus on outputs rather than inputs. Are you buying the hours, or the house?





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