The business case for agile working

Agile working…. means our people are more likely to be engaged
and stay with us for the long term.

Deloitte UK and Timewise have collaborated to produce a report A Manifesto for Change: A Modern Workplace for a Flexible Workforce”.

The manifesto highlights five actions needed to make the modern workplace fit for a flexible workforce:

  1. Leaders must provoke cultural change – challenge the status quo
  2. Flexible working to be gender neutral – emphasise the value of male and female role models
  3. Design flexibility into jobs as standard – ask “why not” rather than “why”
  4. Influence the attitudes and actions of managers – provide them with permission and support
  5. Collect the data – measure the success of flexible working

In this article, Emma Codd of Deloitte talks about how they have introduced it into their organisation, and outlines some the benefits for employers and employees.

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