UK firms embrace remote working

Workers today expect their employers to not only allow flexible working practices, but also to provide them with the tools and training they need to do it well

— Duncan Higgins, marketing director, Virgin Media Business


Research by Virgin Media Business, conducted by YouGov, shows that British workers are embracing remote working, with  74% of those surveyed believing that traditional working patterns have been redefined due to changes in globalisation and competition.

While 84% believe that allowing staff to work remotely shows that their company trusts and values them, 34% think remote working is misunderstood due to a lack of trust between organisations and their remote employees. They identified 3 key areas for the successful introduction of new ways of working:

  1. Technology ready – Two-thirds (65%) suggested that remote workers should make sure their technology and internet connectivity is fully operational, and that they can link up with work files and access their company network.
  2. Right space–Over half of respondents said it’s important to dedicate a quiet space in the home or on the move for working (56%).
  3. Contactability–Over half said it’s necessary to ensure people know when you can and cannot be contacted (54%).

The survey of 1274 office workers  was carried out in April 2014


Image: Jnyemb

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