Getting the best from video conferencing


It’s Monday morning. Bleary-eyed commuters have sat, squeezed, and shuffled their way into the office. But not you. Your organisation has introduced flexible working, and it’s one of your work-from-home days. No rush, no crush, work should always be like this. But you still need to talk to colleagues, give and get news and information, and today that is more likely to mean taking part in a video conference.

Even a few years ago, video conferencing was a communication channel for the few, fraught with technical glitches. Today conferencing is more reliable, affordable, and accessible.  In a recent survey by Polycom and Redshift Research, 52% of  global business leaders said that they expected video conferencing to be their preferred method of communication by 2016.

However, the ease of use doesn’t remove the need for good planning and meeting etiquette. This article from the Guardian Small Business Network sets out some basic guidelines for taking part in an effective video conference.



Image: Kathleen Murtagh 

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