Work Wise Week – Time to Notdesk

There are a range of innovative business management practices that have emerged which have changed the way we work. Smarter working practices have developed as a result of technological advancement and enable a far better use of limited resources and time.

— David Lennan, former director general of the British Chambers of Commerce


The aim of Work Wise Week is to promote modern “smarter” working practices such as flexible, remote and mobile working, as well as working from home. It is organised by Work Wise UK, a national not-for-profit initiative, now in its 8th year, and is backed by the TUC, CBI, RAC Foundation and British Chambers of Commerce.

This year the campaign is focusing on:

  • Smarter Travel

    Changing the time at which you start your journey or travelling by public transport instead of by car can reduce the peak rush hour, and make the commuting experience far more bearable for many.

  • Mobile Working

    Encouraging people to work while on the move, instead of travelling to a central office.

  • Virtual Meetings

    Encourage employees and clients to conduct meetings by audio or video conferencing or go online instead of travelling to meetings.

  • Working Remotely

    Using remote offices instead of travelling to a central office. These include serviced office space, touch down centres or even hot spots such as coffee shops.

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